And can a dead god dream ?

Sanasean - They/Them - Illustration and 3d animation
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Hey, I'm Sanasean / The Atowl, a French 3D animation student and illustrator ! I draw sci fi and fantasy, and I love clothes and armor design, and dramatic lighting.

I am working on a sci fi story, that I hope to finish in 2020, featuring space pirates, cool spaceship, lots of aliens and found family tropes.

You can find me on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. My commissions are open, don't hesitate to ask for more info ! Here's my price sheet. If you like what I do and want to support me, here's my KoFi

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anyway here's my entry for #GalaxysCutest plz like if u have instagram thank you

its Ria from @sailor-moon-space btw

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Sailor Moon Celestial Transformation

Moon Celestial Power, Make Up!

music: Planet Power Make Up by Yasuharu Takanashi (Sailor Moon Crystal OST)

I've been dreaming about making an anime magical girl transformation for ages and now it's finally here!!!

Radio Isoctober

October is coming and I can't see myself not participating to an art challenge. So this year I decided to give myself some prompts to do some illustrations on my story ! (i couldn't think of a better title, sorry)

My goal is to make at least 4 drawings, practice drawing with ink and gouache, do some backgrounds and have fun with my characters !

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babushka -

help families of political prisoners

support free press, journalists and independent media (English description) - gofundme
support free press, journalists and independent media - PayPal
help those who have lost their jobs because of the regime - facebook campaign
What's happening?

There are some cards in google that will probably explain the situation better than me, I just know what I've read in Russian news and from fundraiser creators. Basically, the "current president" of Belarus A.Lukashenko "won" in the elections which were so obviously fake, a lot of people went to protest them. Only to be met with police violence. People are being arrested, beaten, and tortured violently for simply going outside and peacefully demanding justice. This is sick.

The leaders of the opposition (mostly women) demand fair elections where Lukashenko's main opponent, S. Tikhanovskaya can compete against him fairly. The opposition suggests that the actual elections numbers were 90% in her favor, however the official number state that she only has 10% and Lukashenko has 80%.

Putin's stance on this is definitely pro-Lukashenko and he has offered to send military help to him if situation gets "out of control", which is very bad. Lukashenko is running around with a gun and a terrified face, but he refuses to let go of the presidential seat and openly defends violence and torture against protestors, claiming those are essential to keep the country together.

I see a lot of info carrds floating around, but not a lot of links to funds so here they are. The funds are named BY_Help and By_Sol.

If you have a platform bigger than mine, consider spreading the links around or adding them to your Belarus-themed carrds. I don't know if there's a way to contact carrd creators and ask them to link the funds, but if there is... Please, someone, do it. I am already shaking really badly as I'm typing this so I can't.

Ways to show your support:

Жыве Беларусь slogan (literally: Viva Belarus)

Use the white-red-white flag instead of the current "official" Belarus flag, which is green and red. No, the white-red-white flag does not have any fascist undertones.

Thanks for taking your time to read.

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Finishing the first draft of the Radio Isotope by the end of 2020 will be more difficult than expected because I just remembered I can't write

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I just realized I have no idea what the Emperor is doing while we follow the crew. Standing there being menacing and badass isn't enough

Radio Isotope : Antagonists

Alternate title : Radio Isotope : the guys who are just good at their job, which is chasing pirates and other outlaws, and are the bad guys because our heroes are doing crimes (and being gay, but the villains are gay too)

From left to right :

The Emperor (any pronoun is fine) : captain of the Imperator, the biggest bounty hunter spaceship of the galaxy. They want the Earth, and will not let anything stop them.

Wënn (she/her) : the Emperor's second in command. She's very sweet and kind and doesn't like her job. She used to work on the docks of the Imperator.

Raki (they/them, but doesn't mind other pronouns) : independant bounty hunter, Tired(tm).

The Lieutenant (he/they) : he's just here for the money. He's a mercenary and sides with the people who can get him what he wants. Secret (or not) lore : he and the Captain used to be together, a lifetime ago.

Just my ocs, Mali (any pronouns) and Helix (they/he), drawn somewhere mid/late june. I’ve been working on redesigning their outfits, so you probably won’t see much of them in those clothes anymore. Can’t wait for what future brings with these two :smile emoji:

[Id: a digital artwork of two HiddenCarpet's ocs, Mali and Helix. Mali is a tall brown muscular person with long straight black hair tied up into a ponytail. He's wearing a red crop top with it's sleeves destroyed to the base, a blue vest, some grayish blue trousers, a red belt made of farbric, and yellow brancelets. Helix is a fat brown person with long brown curvy hair tied into a low ponytail and sideburns. They are wearing a long navy blue cape with big pink strips and light blue dashes. They also wear an sleeveless orange shirt and brown trousers. They are both standing, with Mali's back turned to the viewer and Helix him tightly around his back. Helix presses their nose against Mali's shoulder, their face is tired. Mali's hands hang loose to the ground, still. The cape floats around with the wind. Background is yellow transitioning to hot pink around characters' heads. End ID]

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I’ve wanted to make this comic………… basically ever since I heard this song, because it was so fitting for Marek that I just HAD to, and I finally got around to finishing it a couple of weeks ago

This follows Marek’s return to their home village, which is very rocky for a number of reasons, but they 1) ultimately still love their family and 2) are extremely Mad At God for the apparent lack of intervention as other clans and settlements of their tribe have been wiped off the map completely or at the very least displaced (and ended up in Dove Reki, which is now practically on the front line). They are deeply betrayed and if nobody else is going to go out there and summon God into corporeality so they can yell at it, Marek’s gonna go fuckin do it

(Rokovek is just along for the ride. Marek sees a lot of themself in Roki when they meet and kinda takes them under their wing)

I'm participating to Artfight this month (trying to fight my way out of the artblock !)
I'm team sugar, and I do friendly fire ! Here's my profile :

moth-blogs asked:

Hi, I saw your ocs for the Radio Isotope story you're writing. It looks very cool and I love the designs of everyone!

Have you ever read The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet? I just finished it and it seems like it would be up your alley if you like cultually diverse aliens!

Thank you !!

Yes, I love this book ! And the sequels are really good too ! The worldbuilding and characters are great, it's really the kind of story I'd like to tell.

The crew of the Radio Isotope is celebrating pride month !

The characters are from the scifi story i'm writing.

From left to right :

The Captain (he/him), Etha (she/her, they/them), Nua (she/her), Jill (she/her, they/them) and Meden (they/them)

Finishing the first draft of the Radio Isotope by the end of 2020 will be more difficult than expected because I just remembered I can't write