And can a dead god dream ?

Sanasean - They/Them - Illustration and 3d animation

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Inktober day 2

Card : The Magician
Prompt : Healer

Inspired by the game Pathologic 2

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Inktober day 1

I'm doing Inktober !
Here's the first day (that I forgot to post), the tarot card was ''the Fool" and the prompt was ''hermit''.

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The Captain

I redesigned my OC the Captain. He's an alien space pirate !

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New dnd OC, a self taught bard who plays the hurdy gurdy (seriously, who decided on this name ? English is stupid )

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I installed Autodesk Sketchbook on my phone and... wow, it's kinda frustrating x)
But I'm happy to be able to draw digitally wherever and whenever I want.

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Searching for the spirit

My Witcher Mikhaïl and my friend's Witcher Ezé exploring an old mansion to find a way to lift a curse.

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Repour with which part of the body and head you start drawing first!!!

I start with the torso and nose :3

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i start with the head and finish with the head

ghostmoor -

Depends what I'm drawing for but typically either the head, shoulders or back

theatowl -

I start with the head, then shoulders and hips

And when i draw a head, i start with the ear and eyebrows

Let's start this blog with one of my favourite drawings of this year.
My Witcher Mikhaïl, having a quiet time by himself.